Gallery Information & Instructions


All artists wishing to exhibit at the WAC Gallery should send by E-mail four (4) JPG images of their recent works and a CV to:

The prospective exhibitor will be notified within a week by E-mail if their work is selected or not. Written correspondence with
artists will normally be by email, only in exceptional circumstances will mail sent by post be used. WAC Gallery reserves the
right not to exhibit an artist if they feel the work is below standard or does not represent the good image of WAC Gallery.
The decision of the gallery is final and no correspondence can be entered into.

The cost to hire the gallery per week is £500 and for local artists and colleges £400, plus a refundable deposit of £100. WAC
Gallery does not take commissions of any works sold.  

It is the responsibility of the artist to invigilate his or her exhibition.

It is the responsibility of the artist to organise his or her own Private View and to bear all costs involved.
This includes the cost of printing and posting invitation cards to the private view.

The artist will allow WAC to maintain a visitors’ book during his or her exhibition for the purpose of building a mailing list for
future art exhibitions in the gallery. This will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and only used for the
purpose of mailing out invites for private views.

WAC Gallery will continue to develop a mailing list and when possible send out invitations to invitees by electronic means
on behalf of the artist.

It is the responsibility of the artist to publicise his or her own show. However, the WAC Gallery will help with publicity on
the WAC website and provide some media contacts.

The exhibition at the WAC Gallery will be open to the public. However, only those invited are expected to attend the
Press View on the first Monday of the art exhibition.

Works selected for exhibition cannot be removed before the end of the exhibition, except by agreement with the gallery
management. All items sold must be declared to WAC Gallery.

Artists will make arrangement to collect all unsold works at the end of the exhibition, as WAC does not have storage space.
However, if works are not collected on the last day of the show, they may attract a fee of £5 per day. In order to release
works from storage, all charges must be paid in full and the artist must give 2 days notice prior to collection. The WAC Gallery
will not arrange courier collections or post works on behalf of the artist. The WAC Gallery reserves the right to dispose of any
work not collected after one month of the latest date for collection of exhibited works.

The copyright of all works exhibited at the WAC Gallery will remain the property of the artist. However, images of works may
be used for publicity and the exhibition may be photographed or filmed by management for archiving purposes.

The responsibility for damage or loss, however caused, is the responsibility of the artist. The WAC Gallery shall not be liable
for any loss or damage, whether or not caused by their negligence. Artists are therefore advised to arrange adequate insurance
cover against such risks.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, 1998, the WAC Gallery will hold the personal data supplied on any form securely.
It will only be used in the process of administering the gallery, and will not be transferred to any third party. At the close of the
exhibition, it will be retained permanently for historical research purposes in the Gallery's Archive
(in accordance with Part IV, 33 of the Act).

All works to be exhibited must be two dimensional, as WAC Gallery does not have the facility to exhibit three dimensional

All works must be hung, as nails are not permitted on the walls. The gallery’s hanging system consists of a white metal
J-Rod and a hook (see photograph below).

All works must have a string attached at the back to provide a better support for the hanging system in the gallery.

Artists not residing in the UK must arrange and pay for delivery of their work to WAC Gallery. If works are being shipped
by courier, artists must take full responsibility for all costs, including any import customs charges and duties. It is the
artist's responsibility to check with their courier company that their works have cleared customs and are to be delivered
on the agreed date. A Gallery representative will provide a receipt on delivery of the work.

The Gallery will not be responsible for wrapping works or providing wrapping materials for any works.

For further information please contact:

WAC Gallery

14 Baylis Road



020 72611404



Gallery Instructions

(To be read carefully by all exhibitors)

Please note the following:

Setting and packing up

Exhibitions are set up on Sunday afternoons from 14:00hrs until about 21:00hrs. The caretaker will let you into the
gallery through the front door. There is a possibility that the London School of Samba may be playing their drums very
loud. You may come in with ear plugs, if you are not used to loud drumming. Except when you are unloading, we advise
you to keep the door closed. At the end of the exhibition, all works must be taken down and removed from the premises
on Sunday between 11:00hrs and 13:30hrs. Please ensure that no artwork is left behind after this day, as WAC will not
be responsible for any loss or damage.

Opening times:

The normal opening hours of the gallery are 11:00hrs to 18:00hrs Monday to Saturday. During the week, you are expected
to arrive at the above time and access the gallery through the main reception office. On Saturdays, the caretaker on duty
will let you in through the front door. Please be as punctual as possible. When leaving, please make sure the front door
is properly closed with both locks engaged or ask the caretaker for assistance. You are to invigilate your own exhibition
or arrange for invigilation during the period of your show at WAC gallery. It is not the responsibility of WAC.

Hanging system:

You will be provided with hanging rods and hooks for displaying works. Exhibiting artists are advised to prepare their works
with strings to be used with these hanging systems. You must avoid attaching anything to the walls, including nails. We
have extra hanging rods and hooks if you required them. Use of banners outside of the building is not encouraged, but if
they must be used, it will be advisable to speak with the facilities Manager before hand, as approval is required from the
Management Committee.

Location of light switches:

  • By the front double doors with red stickers.
  • Above the small electric cupboard with a red sticker.
  • Upstairs, at the top of the stairs with red stickers.
  • Extra use of electricity, such as in light boxes must receive clearance before the exhibition. A charge may apply
    to cover electricity cost depending on volume of use.

Ventilation and Heating

The switches to open and close the sky light windows are upstairs by the lift.

The heating switch (with red LED) is in the cupboard to the left, just as you enter the kitchen or by the kitchen door.
Please remember to turn the heating off when you leave.

Private views:

Private Views are usually on Mondays from 18:00 hrs - 21:00 hrs but an exception can be made, if is extremely necessary, except
Thursday, when there is a legal advice session in the dance hall. We will need to know in advance when you plan to have
your opening. If there is a class or session going on during your opening please ask your guests to walk quietly round the
edge to the toilets. Alternatively, you may access the toilets from the garden through the garden gate next to the red phone
boot outside of the building.

The toilets are in the dance hall downstairs. Do not let strangers use the toilets - there are public ones in Waterloo Station.

We advise that you do not keep your items in the meeting next to the kitchen. The door is often locked for security reasons
and you may have to wait until the following day to access your property. Please take your packing home and clear away
all rubbish. Please note it is not the caretaker or anyone else in the building's job to help you put up your exhibition.
Obviously people will help you in an emergency but they have their own jobs to do and are not employed by the gallery.

Once your exhibition is open each day, do not leave the gallery unattended. Do not leave anything of value, apart from
your art work on the premises and when you are invigilating take your cards, phone, I-pod etc, to the toilet with you.
To disable and enable the  gallery door, see "Open and Close" activation button (with red stickers) inside the small white
cupboard over the heater and beside the electric meter board. Use this to lock the gallery when you wish to ease yourself.

Please strictly adhere to your advertised opening times.

Don't forget to put the A-board out and bring it in when you close.

WAC gallery is not responsible for any loss or damage to your work or property; you are strongly advised to take
out insurance for your exhibition.
  In an emergency, speak to the caretaker first. If the matter is not resolved,
call 02072611404 to speak with the Facilities Manager.



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