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30 September 2021
Lambeth council has this week released the papers for next Monday's Cabinet meeting  ( Monday 4th Oct) . Click here to view. The Voluntary Sector Property Review is the second main item on the agenda.  

Unfortunately the report has only minor amendments as a result of the consultation and the proposal is still to make an enormous increase in the rent and insurance WAC pays. As WAC no longer receives any grants from Lambeth,  this rent hike would make it impossible to support things which WAC currently subsidises without a big increase in charges to users which goes against the idea of everything being as affordable as possible .

URGENT NEWS - a demo is being organised outside Lambeth Town Hall for 4th Oct. This will be from 4..30- 5.15 . Those going from Waterloo are leaving WAC at 4pm . PLEASE come if you can.  Hopefully there will be placards about the different activities in WAC. If your group has material about your activities to contribute to those posters please send asap. Presumably any groups that wanted to could give out leaflets about their activities to inform passers-by in Brixton. A few people might be allowed to attend the meeting , or by prior arrangement speak to the meeting  ( contact Wayne Chandai, Democratic Services. 020 7926 0029, Email: wchandai@lambeth.gov.uk ) but the meetings are not open given the ongoing Covid situation.

A list of Councillors on the Committee is HERE in case anyone feels able to e-mail them about why WAC is important to you and or the community. 



Threat to WAC - although this does not affect activities restarting in WAC as the Government allows re-opening, there is now a longer-term danger to WAC in a "consultation" Lambeth Council is carrying out.  This officially closed on 25th April, so the consultation is being done when the users of community centres who do not use IT will not know anything about it.  WAC is therefore continuing to seek public support.

Please help - see https://www.waccommunitydefence.org for more information and to leave a message of support for WAC. You can also read the messages already left there. There is also a petition on Change.org. And there are  articles about it on Time Out London  and South London Press.

Before the closing date WAC made two formal submissions - an initial one HERE and a final one HERE. Both are detailed and relate to good practice for maximising  Council / community organizations relations , a topic crucial in Lambeth as in other areas at this difficult time. 

If you have further ideas on how to help WAC please contact us on wac.office1971@gmail.com

Thank you 

Update for existing users

WAC has now reopened for existing users, and most indoor groups can meet again. There still has to be social distancing and mask wearing, so initially it will be just for those who have come before. We must not break the social distancing rules so we will all have to be very careful about that. Throughout we will be promoting good airflow, so please come very warmly dressed. 

Singing still not allowed (so no choir, or most churches in WAC yet). Nor dancing which involves people mixing closely. Line dancing and other dance sessions run by Jean Leclerc please see here. Gentle Exercise 10.30 am on Tuesdays. People who have been doing this with Sheila on Zoom can also come. As before minimum charge £1.50 but please pay more if you can (real cost per person over £4). In addition Sheila has offered to keep her Zoom session going (they will remain free).  Sheila is offering this for the immediate future because some people do not want to come into WAC yet. Also after isolating so long some people may feel the 2 sessions a week (one in WAC, one online) would be helpful. New people can join these Zoom sessions - please let us know wac.office1971@gmail.com if you want to be put in touch with Sheila. 

The new computer room is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-3 for people who can use computers without help or just by helping one another. We aim to get something more sorted later.  Donations of 50p please for use of a computer. Extra 5p per single sided page/10p double sided if you need to print things.

Sewing (1-5) and WACi Arts Club (1.30 - 3.30) on Tuesdays for those who attended previously. Not crochet and knitting on Tuesdays for the time being, just on Thursdays. Out and About Club back on Thursdays 12-2.30. Lotto (Bingo) in French organised by Mauritian Pensioners  Thursdays 1.30-2.25.

Waterloo Legal Advice Service is running again but ONLY BY APPOINTMENT. See https://www.waterlooactioncentre.co.uk/legal_advice.html for details.



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New & Forthcoming Activities

Jean Leclerc's dance classes
See Jean's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Parisrockclub for more details. Or here for dates of his Skype and Zoom classes.

Laura's Tai Chi & Qigong

Laura is still running her Moving Qi-gong classes  on Zoom on Monday 10am-10.30am. More info on her website www.movingqi.co.uk  These can be joined free but if people can afford it a donation is welcome.

London Drawing are running life drawing online- but also pay as you can creative
sessions- so free if people are on low incomes or struggling.

- they have mindful still life which is every Monday 12.30-1.30pm and 6-7pm
- creative drawing workshops every Tuesday 12.30-1.30pm
- and again creative drawing workshops on Thursdays 12.30-1.30pm and 6-7pm

all info and links to everything at http://londondrawing.com/online-creative-sessions/

Foodbank and Recycling of clothes, books etc

WAC cannot at present take donations for the Foodbank.  There is a collection for the foodbank at St John’s Church, Waterloo Rd , on Wednesday afternoons between 2pm and 5pm. Donated food has to be non perishable. The Church doors will be open with someone inside to receive the donations .

Recycling of goods  - WAC cannot take more clothes at present but would welcome books, jigsaws, table games. These can only be received on Mondays and Weds 10-3. when Asher is volunteering there is a stall outside WAC .

Notes for WAC users


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