Sewing Tutor

Sewing Tutor at WAC

Needed for 2 hours a week between 1 and 4pm on Tuesdays.

£35 an hour if registered self employed.

Waterloo Action Centre 14 Baylis Road SE1 7AA

To help members of the Sewing Group with some of the more complex aspects of dressmaking and alterations like cutting patterns and adding zips. Also to ensure maintenance of sewing machines etc. The sewing group is part of the craft sessions open to local residents at WAC on Tuesday afternoons.

Further info and application form or collect a form from WAC reception.Forms to be returned by 17th April. This post is funded by Lambeth Together, through SoWN

Lambeth tenants fear eviction over unpaid heating bill

Lambeth Council tenants fear eviction over unpaid heating bills including some locals in SE11

BBC story see link –

Some council residents in south London say they fear being evicted because they cannot pay their energy bills.

The Lambeth Council tenants, who have communal heating systems, say they have seen rising bills regardless of how much they use.

Communal heat networks used in blocks of flats are not subject to the Ofgem price cap and residents are unable to turn it off or switch suppliers.

The council said eviction would only be used as “a last resort”.

Heating costs are added to the tenant’s service charge, so many have technically fallen behind on rent.

The council added it had a “responsibility to recover rent and service charges” but aimed to “establish a sensible payment arrangement that aligns with their affordability and can be paid over a more extended period”.

Some people are trying to cut costs by not eating, BBC London was told.

Phone box stays as a phone box..!

WAC Phone Box

 Lambeth Council has REJECTED the application for the Kiosk outside WAC into a coffee “shop”.  WAC and many local people. welcome this decision 

The Phone box adds historic interest.. Probably the most popular local spot for tourists selfies.