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Experience the Beauty of a Sound Bath

LET THE GONG SOOTHE YOU AND BRING SOMERELAXATION TO YOUR DAY. https://goingforagong.eventbrite.co.ukSunday 3rd December 202311:30am – 12:30 pm at Waterloo Action Centre (Rear Hall).Address:WAC, 14

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WAC Bus Outings

Happy Bus Pass Outings..

 Happy Bus Pass destinations for the coming weeks . Future destinations for these weekly  outings will be announced nearer the time.

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Volunteer gardner at WAC

Volunteer Gardners Needed!

Volunteer gardeners needed for a couple of hours a week to help local people who can’t manage their gardens. Small group doing this already need others to

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Happy Bus Pass Outings at WAC

Happy Bus Pass Outings..

 Happy Bus Pass destinations for August and Sept now  listed on Seniors page . Free Wednesday outings for people who have London Freedom Pass. Leave

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Androcles Music

Singing Nostalgia

Thursdays 11am -1 pm Open to and attracting people of all ages. Run by Androcles who is a member of the national Help for Heroes

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PZ Cussons Volunteering

Volunteering Day at WAC

Volunteering day at WAC by PJ Cussons staff has repainted the Dance Hall,  improved the garden, helped  several locals  improve their smartphone skills and hopefully established

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Summer Clothes Northcott House

Summer clothes needed

WAC is not able to accept clothes donations at this time but Northcott House, 259 Waterloo Road SE1 8JU has an urgent appeal out for

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