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Year of the Green Wood Dragon at WAC

Year of the Wood Dragon – 2024

The Tai Chi class at Waterloo Action Centre ( Wednesdays 2.15-3.15)  sends greetings for the Chinese New Year. Starts on 10th Feb. –  the Year of the Green Dragon .

This portends an ideal time for a favourable change in your life.. The class at WAC is  £5 a session – just come more info about this and other local classes  from

Year of the Green Wood Dragon

On the day the Dragon takes over from the Year of the Rabbit, my mother, a lucky Tiger, is following the advice of Feng shui master Tong Pik-ha in her predictions for the 12 zodiac signs* for the coming year and taking me on a birdwatching holiday (birdsong increases our wellbeing*). On the way back we will visit my neice, a Metal Dragon, who will advance in her career by wearing red in this year of the Wood Dragon.